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What is a Birth Doula and what do they do?

I'm glad you asked! A Birth Doula is a person trained in labor support who assist and tend to the physical and emotional comfort needs of the laboring person. As doulas are not medical providers, we do not provide any cllinical tasks such as fetal heart tones and cervical checks or sny diagnoising. Insted we use techniques such as massage, posiotioning suggestions, guided breathing and encouragement to help labor progress.The Doula is there to help things move fluidly and keep a calm, warm and safe enviorment as you embrace the birth of your baby.

What if I want an epidural?

That's not a bad thing! My job is to help you understand the information surronding the choices avalible and then support whatever decison you make. My goal is to help you feel educated, confident and prepared to have the best birth for you, whether that include pain medications/interventions or not. Feeling senation after an epidural is normal and I stay present for physical support and to help with optimal positioning.

When do you join people in labor?

I ask you call me when you start think you are in labor or your bag of water has ruptured even if you do not feel like you need me just yet. From there we decide if I will join you then or wait for further change and/or progression. I am avalible for help and sugguestions via phone/text or video chat duiring that time.

What is the diffrence between Doula and Midwife?

Midwives have medical training and during the birth process, focus on delivering a healthy baby. Doulas, on the other hand, focus on the needs of the birthing person, offering informational, physical, and emotional support throughout the labor. The doula will specialize in comfort measures such as massage,positioning,guided breathing, and refluxlogy.

How many clients will you take in a month?

I will currentely commit to 3 births in a month

I didnt find my question here what do I do?

You can fill out the quick question form and i will get back to you within 24 hours.

Does a Doula replace my partner?

Absalutly not. A Doula knows birth, your partner knows you. Together this is a wonderful team. Throughout the pregnancy I offer support to your birthing partner on things they can do to prepeare for the birth with you, books and resourses to information and suggestions on activities to help you bond before the birth. During labor it is not uncommon that the partner wants to help the birthing peron but doesn't know how. The Doula helps the partner understand what kind of support could be benifical and when is the optimal time to offer that support. Physically demonstrating massage, positioning assistance and other helpful comfort measures. Having that extra level of support and knowlageofbirth from a doula gives you theoppertuity to be as present as you want and knw the birthingperson is taken care of.




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