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Relfor Labs is a cutting-edge technology company that is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of the technology-driven economy. By prioritizing excellence and maintaining a strong emphasis on innovation, our team of world-class software engineers and designers are able to provide our clients with the best possible products and services.

Founded in 2016 by industry leader Mr Deepak Nathani, the former COO and co-founder of Cybage Software, the company has built a robust reputation in the IT industry. With an extensive background in technology, business operations, and product management, Mr. Nathani has been instrumental in guiding Relfor Labs to become a renowned leader in the industry.

At Relfor Labs, we understand the importance of technology as a key enabler of growth and progress. Our endeavour is to provide easy-to-use, scalable, and secure technology solutions that help organizations streamline operations, improve efficiencies, and drive growth.

Mr Nathani’s philanthropic spirit extends beyond the business world. He is the driving force behind the Relfor Foundation, the CSR arm of Relfor Labs, which aims to improve the quality of life of the underserved communities through innovative and award-winning, long-term infrastructural development initiatives.


The power of innovation is immense. Technological innovations are rapidly changing the world and our lives, today. At Relfor, we understand the potential of innovation and are driven to innovate in order to make a better tomorrow.

“Innovate to make a better tomorrow”.


At Relfor, we are guided by the core philosophy of ‘LIVE’ it up! This statement lays the foundation for who we are and how we treat each of our stakeholders.



Love is the underlying principle of human existence. We strongly believe that a strong value system is at the very foundation of a happy life. Love and respect to each of our stakeholders is critical to build that long-lasting connect.



Honesty and integrity are core to our existence. We believe in living by these values in our personal as well as professional lives.



Each and every act of ours should inspire. We foster a culture of leadership where everyone can aspire to lead.

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We have created an environment where each one of us feels encouraged to enjoy. Work-life balance is important and we strongly believe that we need to work to live and not live to work.

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