Relfor Foundation constructed RCC Homes for 8 Tribal families at Bhomale Village, Khed

Nestled in the hillock, 95 km from Pune, away from the range of mobile phones, tribal families living in Bhomale village had been dreaming of a new home for years. Now their dreams have turned into reality with help from Relfor Foundation.

Mr. Sambhaji Langore, Project Head of PMAY Government of Maharashtra has inaugurated and handed over the keys of new homes to the beneficiaries.

"I have been watching the Government's Housing Scheme for the last thirty years, but for the first time, I am seeing the incredible quality of houses built by Relfor Foundation" said Mr. Langore on this occasion.

Relfor Foundation is eager to take many more such projects as they love to see the satisfaction and smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries after every such project.

Inauguration of Kitchen Shed and Toilets and Drainage Line Construction at Alandi School

Tina Nathani on March 05, Thursday, inaugurated a kitchen shed and few Toilets at Sant Dnyaneshwar Primary & Secondary School, Alandi. The school has a total 270 students. Few students come from the neighboring communities and few are Tribals. The tribal students reside in the school itself.
Mr. Charu Bhima Kalingdhwaj, Founder of the school was very thankful to Relfor Foundation for constructing the shed, toilets and the drainage line. We also had few Varkari's (Devotees of Sant Gynaeshwar and Lord Vitthal) in the program. The Varkari's also gave a lot of blessings to Relfor Foundation and said to carry on the noble work.

Skill Development Centre at Baner, Pune

Recently Relfor Foundation has started Skill Development Centre at Baner, Pune. In the skill development Relfor Foundation have started with beauty parlour and stitching courses for women. The beneficiaries who are attending this course are either migrants or women who mostly do household cleaning in the societies. Also few women are coming from Sus gaon and from the neighbouring villages.
Currently foundation are running three batches whose tenure will be for three months.




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